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Each month, three of our cocktails feature a common spirit. This month, say hello to Bonal Gentiane-Quina; a bittersweet French aperitif wine infused with quinine, gentian, & herbs of the Grande Chartreuse mountains.

Quin-quintessential Flip

Old Forester Signature bourbon, Bonal, fresh grapefruit, pineapple syrup, aromatic spices, whole fresh

egg; shaken & topped with Duck Rabbit Milk Stout*  12.


Bonal, Tanqueray London Dry gin, dry white wine, fresh grapefruit, Imperial tonic, grapefruit bitters; shaken & served up  11.

Crossing to Calais

barrel-aged Ransom Old Tom gin, Bonal, Cherry Heering, Imperial curaçao; stirred & served up  13.

Trying to Fit In

Dr. Fünke

Puerto Rican white rum, dry vermouth, Crème de Violette, chinchona, orange & tiki bitters;

stirred & served up  11.

Ward Eight

rye whiskey, fresh lemon, fresh orange, house grenadine; shaken & served up  9.

Kir Royale

Briottet Crème de Cassis, sparkling wine; built in a flute & served with a lemon peel  10.

Party Animal

Fixing David’s Project

Plymouth gin, Jamaican dark rum, Imperial Boker’s bitters, honey, fresh citrus,

acid phosphate, cinnamon; shaken & served on ice  13.

Ghost in the Machine

Puerto Rican white rum, Williams pear brandy, honey, fresh lemon, mezcal joven, hot pepper tincture;

shaken & served up, with a chili salt rim  12.

Brandy Alexander

VS cognac, Imperial+French Broad Chocolate crème de cacao, fresh cream; shaken & served up  11.

In the Woods


Beefeater 24 gin, Campari, Cinzano rosso, Punt e Mes; stirred & served on ice  13.


Laird’s apple brandy, Imperial vermouth rosso, Luxardo Maraschino, Fernet-Branca;

stirred & served up  13.

San Francisco Martini

Hayman’s Old Tom gin, Imperial vermouth rosso, Imperial orange bitters; stirred & served up  13.


Beausoliel (PEI) Oyster, mignonette  3.

Oyster Shooter, bloody mary, mezcal  6.

Pigs in a Blanket  5.

Pork Rinds  4.

Assorted House Pickles  6.

Deviled Eggs  3.

Pimento Cheese  5.

Olives  5.

Toll House Cookie  4.


Except for Duke’s mayonnaise & imported artisanal cheeses, we make it all. This means the cured meats, hot dogs, baked goods, pickles….

Patrick’s House-Cured Charcuterie: one (5.), two (9.) or three (14.) portions

Artisanal Cheese: one (5.), two (9.) or three (14.) portions

Carrots, poached parisienne & shaved red, kimchi vinaigrette, roquillo olive, tallegio, chervil 10.

Tuna Crudo, black radish, fig, almond milk, lardo, spicy bread crumb* 12.

Border Springs Lamb Tartare, tabbouleh, tahini* 13.

Patrick’s Hot Dog, baked beans, tobacco onion 8.



Oskar Blues Pinner IPA (NC, 4.9%) 5.

Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA (CA/NC, 6.2%) 5.

Avery Ellie’s Brown Ale (CO, 5.5%) 5.

Noble Standard Bearer Apple Cider (NC, 7.5%) 5.

Noble Friar Fig Cider (NC, 9.5% ABV) 5.


Narragansett Lager (16oz.) (RI, 5.0%) 3.

Mother Earth Weeping Willow Wit (NC, 5.0%) 4.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (CA/NC, 5.6%) 4.

Stone IPA (CA, 6.9%) 5.

Hi-Wire Bed of Nails Brown (NC, 6.1%) 5.

Duck Rabbit Milk Stout (NC, 5.7%) 4.

New Belgium Portage Porter (CO, 6.0%) 4.



Szigeti brut NV, Bürgenland, AU, grüner veltliner 9.

Lini 910 rosso NV, Emilia-Romagna, IT, lambrusco 7.


Château La Rame 2013, Bordeaux, FR, sauvignon blanc & semillion 11.

Coteaux du Loir 2013, Loire, FR, chenin blanc 10.

Bodegas Hermanos Sastre ‘Flavus’ 2013, Rioja, SP, palomino fino 8.

Abbazia di Novacella 2013, Alto Adige, IT, kerner 10.

Château Pizay 2012, Beaujolais, FR, chardonnay 10.


Hecht & Bannier 2013, Côtes de Provence, FR, grenache, cinsault, syrah 10.


D. Ventura ‘Pena do Lobo’ 2012, Ribeira Sacra, SP, mencía 9.

Tinhof ‘Zwei’ 2011, Burgenland, AU, zweigelt 9.

Château D’Oupia ‘Les Heretiques’ 2013, Minervois, FR, carignan 8.

Cantine Valpane ‘Canone Inverso’ 2012, Piedmont, IT, freisa 9.

Cane and Fable ‘373’ 2013, Paso Robles, CA, cabernet sauvignon 10.

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